Top Chattanooga Family Photo Locations

Living in a city as beautiful as Chattanooga, TN, it can be difficult to choose a spot for your family photos. There are so many options! In this post, I’ll share with you my top 15 Chattanooga Family photo locations, with the hopes that it will bring some clarity to your decision. When choosing a family photo location, I think it’s very important that it be a space that is generally accessible and family friendly, away from heavily trafficked streets or dangerous terrain if young children are involved. I want you kiddos to be free to run and explore! This high comfort level results in some of the most joyful and genuine photos.

Light SO important when picking Chattanooga family photo locations

If you’ve spent much time with a family photographer, you’ve probably heard us making comments about “the light”. We’re weird, I know. But once you learn to identify “good light”, it’s a part of your brain that just kind of stays on. Light has a huge impact on the feel and look of photography. Every photographer has his or her specific preferences.

I personally like bathing my subjects in soft, even light. I find it to be very flattering for my subjects and it creates a warm, dreamy effect that I can’t get enough of. Some photographers prefer brighter, more direct lighting. I say this, because the locations identified below are ones where I have found light in line with my preferences. The “golden hours” or hour before sunset and hour after sunrise are my favorite times to schedule sessions on sunny days. Keep that in mind as you are perusing my list below. For example, taking photos at Greenway Farm at high noon will create a different result from photos taken at sunset. If you have already hired a photographer, be sure to collaborate with them on Chattanooga family photo locations to make sure they are in line with their typical style.

Looking for tips on how to find the right photographer for you? There’s actually a lot to consider! Check out this recent post were I discuss some necessary considerations.

Twin babies in Renaissance Park, Chattanooga TN during photography session
Reniassance Park, Chattanooga, TN

1. Stroll Favorite Park or Path

Chattanooga has so many wonderful parks and paths sprinkled throughout the city, most of them with free entry and some with free parking.  Consider selecting a park your family frequents regularly. This can automatically put your family in a more relaxed state, ready for genuine, natural pictures. Parks like Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, the Riverwalk and Ross’ Landing offer a more manicured, city feel. Reflection Riding, Chester Frost, Greenway Farm, and Heritage Park are all great options for a more rural backdrop. 

Fall in Chattanooga family photography session at Greenway Farms in Hixson, TN
Greenway Farm, Hixson, TN
Coolidge Park, Chattanooga, TN

2. Hang Out at your Favorite Urban Spot

Our city has a lot to offer in terms of pedestrian friendly areas and beautiful architecture. The iconic Walnut Street Bridge is always a classic option. Consider checking out the recently revitalized West Village. The Bluff View Art District is a stunning option (just note that this location charges a photography session fee and requires a reservation to be made at least a week in advance). While you’re hitting up the town, are there any favorite local businesses you’d love to incorporate? I’m always up for grabbing some coffee at Rembrandts, munching on a doughnut from Julie Darling, or indulging in some mint chocolate chunk from Clumpies.

Chattanooga photo spot - Market Street Bridge
Downtown Chattanooga, TN
Top 15 Chattanooga Photo locations
West Village, Chattanooga, TN
West Village Photography Session downtown Chattanooga
West Village, Downtown Chattanooga
Maternity Session At Hunter Museum, Overlooking Tennessee River
Hunter Art Museum
Chattanooga senior photo shoot. Dade County Senior photography session in downtown Chattanooga, TN spot. Over the shoulder pose. Light and vibrant senior photography.
Downtown Chattanooga, TN

3. Head to the Mountains

Our area has lots of beautiful elevations to incorporate into your photographs! While we do have to take special care if there are little ones involved in our session, places like Rock City, Point Park, Cloudland Canyon and Craven’s House are all lovely options. (Rock City and Point Park both charge an entrance fee, so you may wish to make a whole afternoon out of the adventure.

Top 15 Chattanooga Photo locations, Lookout Mountain Retro Pad - Lookout Mountain Photographer - mother and baby son
Lookout Mountain, GA
Photographer in Chattanooga, TN _Raccoon Mountian family photoshoot
Raccoon Mountain
Point Park Photography Session
Point Park, Lookout Mountain, TN

4. Visit a local farm

There are SO many beautiful farms and rural areas a very short drive from downtown Chattanooga. If you are scheduling a session for the summer, there are local farms with flower fields that will allow rentals as a Chattanooga family photo locations. Smith Perry Berry has blooming sunflowers in July. Flat Top Mountain Farm has stunning zinnias during the late summer and early fall. Lookout Lavendar usually blooms in June. Check out this post to see some of my favorite blooms and their general timeframe. Many wedding venues will also allow photographer to rent their space hourly for photography sessions.

How to find a photographer for your family. Mother with daughters in flower field.
Flat Top Mountain Farm

Let’s find the perfect Chattanooga Family Photo Locations for you!

I hope this will make your job of sifting though your options for Chattanooga family photo locations easier! Don’t forget to consider your own neighborhood as a possible setting. I typically have specific criteria that I consider when choosing a shooting location for optimal lighting to achieve my bright style, but I’m happy to consult with you to come up with a plan that works for your family. I have an extensive list of locations that I offer to my scheduled clients. Now let’s get a session on the books! More details about sessions with me can be found here. To schedule a family session with me, find my contact form here. My fall schedule usually fills up in early August. The rest of the year books 2-3 months in advance. It’s never too early to contact me about a family photography session!

Top 15 Chattanooga Photo locations, Chattanooga Maternity Photography - mother to Be -Chester Frost Park Photo Session- Couple posing by lake - Chattanooga maternity photography
Chester Frost, Hixson, TN
near Chattanooga, TN, Senior in dress in field

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