Relying on Natural Light only for your Indoor Photography Sessions is a recipe for frequent reschedules, grainy photos, and major stress. Join me and learn to MAKE the light you want with flash photography! It doesn't have to be complicated.

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Flash Photography

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Then It's Time to Learn Flash Photography!

  • Underexposed, shadowy, and grainy indoor portraits?
  • Stressing over the weather even on indoor session days?
  • Being stuck with posing your subjects next to windows instead of taking full advantage of their home setting?
  • Your indoor portraits not matching the quality of your outdoor portraits?
  • Wasting time trying to "salvage" indoor images through editing?
  • Feeling totally overwhelmed at the thought of introducing flash to your in-home sessions?

Are you a family photographer who is tired of:

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Presented in video and slide format, I break down my flash photography settings and every step of the process!

  1. What flash photography equipment Kelley Hoagland brings to all of her in-home photography sessions.
  2. Kelley's go-to, simple off camera flash set ups to create soft, natural looking light.
  3. Kelley's step-by-step process for choosing flash photography settings as well as troubleshooting tips to create beautiful light in any room.
  4. You will finish this course knowing how to produce lighting that will allow you to capture portraits that fully take advantage of your clients' beautiful homes!

With this flash photography course you will learn...

"I absolutely loved this course! I can not wait to take all I have learned about flash photography and really step up my in home sessions!"
-Kallyn Adams
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 "Beginners and more experienced photographers will both learn so much helpful information in this course."
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In-home sessions used to be a major source of anxiety. Now they are my favorite sessions to book!

My name is Kelley Hoagland and I'm so excited you're here! I’m a mom of 3 girls and family photographer who has absolutely fallen in love with flash photography! After being burned by bad weather days a few too many times, I dove head first into learning how to make my own light. My business has absolutely thrived as a result. Now I want to share my process with you!

Running a creative business was actually never part of my "life plan". I'm actually a pediatric occupational therapist by training.  I've always enjoyed creative pursuits like theater and crafting, but really fell in love with photography after the birth of my first child. I quickly saw that the skill I had developed as a therapist really supported my business, especially when it came to directing and communicating with children. However, I obviously needed to learn how to use a camera.  While a local photography class got me started, I quickly turned to online education. Isn't it amazing what we can learn from the comfort of our home? The education I received truly changed my life and I am so grateful!

Flash photography doesn't have to be hard! Learn how to bring the "sunshine" to every one of your indoor sessions.

Meet Kelley

However, when I started seeking education about flash photography, I struggled to find the information I wanted.  I could find programs for wedding photographers or studio photographer, but I struggled to find information about flash for family photographers who did in-home sessions.  Once, I learned to consistently create natural looking artificial light, I decided it was time to share what I had learned. Out of a true passion for learning, I want to share what I have learned with you!

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As you view my work on Instagram, I thought it might be helpful for your to know that any indoor photograph posted in the past 1.5 years was taken using flash. All of my outdoor work uses natural light.  If you've spent much time in the online photography business world, I'm sure you've heard about the value of consistency in your portfolio.  As a photographer, it's important that your work is consistent in quality.  You don't want a potential customer feeling unsure about what they will receive when they book you. A confused or uncertain mind doesn't book or buy.  An effective portfolio has indoor photos that are just as bright and crisp as the outdoor photos. 

This is partially what pushed me to learn artificial lighting. The Instagram grid in particular ruthlessly provides a snap shot of your portfolio.  I was frustrated by the fact that my outdoor work looked bright and crisp, but my indoor work looked shadowy and grainy. I didn't feel like I was putting my best foot forward.  I wanted to book more indoor sessions, but my work in that setting wasn't the same quality as my outdoor work. For me, learning how to create natural looking light with flash made a huge difference.  As you look through my portfolio on Instagram, pay attention to indoor vs outdoor!

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I was SO overwhelmed when I pulled my new flash out of the box for the first time.  There were so many buttons!  There were so many new settings I had never heard of before.  I could turn it on, but what next?  What did TTL mean?  What was the difference between on camera and off camera flash?  

If this is you, then I highly recommend signing up for my FREE Quick Start Course for Flash. This mini-course introduces you to the main buttons and modes you need to understand for operating your speed light.  Click below and enter your email address for instant access.  You will be added to my email list where you will receive updates and special offers.  You can unsubscribe at any time!

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Join me and learn to MAKE the light you want with flash photography!
It doesn't have to be complicated.

This course is a one-time purchase and will be available to you for the lifetime of this course. 

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course content itself will take just over 4 hours to complete. However, extra time will also be required to practice using your flash as part of the homework assignments detailed in the course. 

How Long Will I Have Access to the Flash Photography Course?

  1. Strictly wedding or studio photographers. It focuses on lighting setups for in-home sessions.
  2. Photographers who are still learning to use a camera in the manual setting. It’s really important to get a good handle on photographing natural light first before you complicate the task with the extra components of flash.
  3. Photographers who are already really comfortable with using flash and looking for information about all the modifiers and all the advanced flash techniques out there. This course provides information about a simple set-up for natural looking light. 
  4. Strictly Film Photographers

Who is the Flash Photography Course NOT For?

  1. Photographers who are new to flash or who don’t feel confident using flash during their in-home sessions. 
  2. Photographers who are already comfortable shooting in the manual setting with natural light. 
  3. Photographers who have a light and airy or true tone style. (My style falls into that category, so the light I produce fits with these styles.)
  4. Digital Photographers

Who is the Flash Photography Course For?