Stratton Hall Wedding : The Kitchens

What an honor to be asked to document something as meaningful as a wedding day! Alex and Tyler’s Stratton Hall wedding day was beautiful. During the pre-booking consultation, Alex and I both chuckled when she told me her wedding would be outside in June. We both imagined 90 degree temps and thick as mud humidity. Instead, we lucked out with unseasonably mild weather. Family and friends flew in from all over the country for this wedding and Alex joked that many commented on how fantastic our area’s weather felt. If they only knew…

When we arrived at Stratton Hall, we found Alex outside taking a little breather from the bustle of getting ready. We could tell she had a touch of the wedding day jitters. We took some getting ready pictures (look for her amazing blue shoes) and her mother helped her into her dress just in time for Tyler’s arrival. While my second shooter and I hid in the bushes and pergola, Alex and Tyler shared the sweetest first look right next to the spot they would be wed in a few hours. Both of their faces absolutely lit up when they saw each other. More noticeably, a visible calm settled over both of them. 

Following the first look, we knocked out wedding party portraits. Then I rode off with the bride and groom to West Village to take some portraits of just the two of them. As we walked down the streets of downtown Chattanooga, many passing strangers called out their congratulations. The young daughters of a family eating their lunch outside were completely enamored by Alex. She was stunning on her wedding day, so I can’t blame them. 

After their sweet ceremony, Tyler and Alex exuded joy and excitement. Their reception featured some of the funniest speeches I’ve witnessed at a wedding. Alex’s friend Bella recounted a particularly funny story of how their budding friendship was solidified by a hilariously poor song choice at a karaoke night (The Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime). The reception also featured a knock out performance of Super Bass by Alex and Don’t Stop Believing by the groom and groomsmen. 

It was such a joy to capture all of these fun memories on Alex and Tyler’s special day. Here are some of my favorites from their Stratton Hall Wedding. For more information about scheduling me as your wedding photographer, click here.

Second Shooter: Audrey Smith

Venue: Stratton Hall

Hair: Madison Segar

Make up: Austin Nelson

Coordination: Tiffany Hutton Wilson

DJ: Dutty Laundry

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