Chattanooga Birthday Photo Session – The Gibsons

Summer sessions can be challenging for families with littles, ya’ll! The sun goes down really late in the summer. this pushes the ideal timing for photo session past bedtime. Nonetheless, the Gibson’s nailed it when we got together Chattanooga birthday photo session at Renaissance Park to document Turner becoming a 1 year old. Katherine put the boys down for a late nap and hoped for the best. She was repaid for her efforts with these glowing summertime photos.

The last session I completed with the Gibsons focused on Turner alone. Therefore, it had been a while since I had photographed Hudson and Reese. They have matured so much! In the past with them, I focused a lot of my energy on convincing them to just look towards the camera. Now they have learned how to participate in a photo session and take some direction. They gave me some of the cheesiest little “fake” smiles I’ve seen in a while and had me absolutely cracking up.

I can’t believe Turner is already a 1 year old! He is such a little charmer with those dark brown eyes. I’m sure Katherine would agree that life seems to hit warp speed when you have three kids. It’s been such a privilege to document him throughout his first sweet year. Here are some of my favorites from our Chattanooga Birthday photo session together. For more information about scheduling a Chattanooga family photography session with me, click here.

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