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Hi! I'm Kelley

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Family and friends began to take notice of my portraits.  In the Summer of 2018, I completed my first paid session as a newborn photographer for a family with 6 young children.  I loved it and found that my skill set as a pediatric occupational therapist was very useful in this different role. 

I have been so shocked that this little business, which started out of a need for a creative outlet, has grown to this size.  I am so grateful to have the honor to working the families doing something I absolutely love! I would love to meet your family and be a part of documenting your story. 

A friend recently teased that documenting is my "super-power". You should see my three daughters' baby books. I literally filled up the blank pages in the back with little memories. I'd love to put my "super-power" to work for you as your preferred photographer! I'd love to guide you through the process of creating portraits with your family that you will treasure for decades to come!

2018 was a challenging year for me. I had a 2 year old and an infant.  We were building our own house. My husband was working long hours and in school part time.  We were exhausted and I honestly felt like I was drowning.  I decided I needed a hobby, something fun in my life. I had read (probably on Pinterest) that the best way to improve ones photography skills was through lots of practice. I upgraded my lens and decided to start a little project called the 365 Photo Challenge. I tried to take a photo everyday and wrote a weekly blog to keep myself accountable. I secretly wanted to start a photography business, but assumed that was an unrealistic dream. 


When our first child was born, I failed to book a newborn photographer. Ironic, I know!  After contacting a few who were either booked up or out of our budget, I gave up and decided to take the photos myself.  My crop sensor camera was pretty good and the images turned out fine enough. I decided I was going to need to figure out how to use my camera properly. I had always enjoyed artistic pursuits (making movies with friends was a favorite high school past time).  My husband suggested I take a class at the local community college and I did!


My point and shoot camera fell off of our rental car during a trip to Ireland (I'm pretty sure this was also the day we totaled our rental car by hitting a big rock on the side of the road, but that's a story for another post).  It was never the same after that.  My husband encouraged me to buy a little crop-sensor mirrorless camera as a replacement.


I never planned to be a PHotographer Family Photographer