Dade County High School Senior Photos: Olivia

I’m so excited to share this Dade County High School senior photos on the blog today. I connected with Olivia and her mother Misty through a Lookout Mountain facebook page. Turns out, they live not too far from me! They were so kind to let me try out some different downtown Chattanooga locations I had been eyeing.  I love working with young families, but there’s something special about high schoolers who are anticipating the end of their grade school careers.  (And I can take them to less kid-friendly locations without worry of them running out into the street.)

Olivia is gearing up for one last summer before a busy senior year at Dade County High School.  She plays softball and basketball and is getting ready for a heavy load of classes before she graduates.  I am always so impressed by all that student athletes (and their parents) have to juggle. I can tell that Olivia has such a sweet, hard-working spirit and she has a loving, supportive momma backing her.  Olivia isn’t 100% sure what her plans are post-high school, but she does think she wants to stay somewhat close to home for college. Whatever school she chooses, I know she has a bright future ahead of her!

Here are some of my favorites from this Dade County High School senior photos. Do you have or know a class of 2022 senior? Summer is a great time to check senior portraits off your list. For more information about scheduling a senior session with me, click here and here. I would love to help your vision come to life!

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