Chattanooga Prom Photography 2021

I was thrilled when LeAnn contacted me about scheduling a Chattanooga Prom Photography session for her daughter and friends. While I do love my young families, I really enjoy working with high-schoolers too. In our initial planning emails, LeAnne explained that Kaylee was wanting to do something a little different, maybe including some building from downtown. Her boyfriend Jadyn wanted to incorporate his car in some to of the shots as well. I knew just where to take them!

Kaylee, Jadyn, Seanna, and Sam met me in West Village with moms LeAnn and Cherron. I loved seeing everyone all dressed up (Kaylee and Seanna said they had been getting ready since 9AM!). They played along with all of my ridiculous instructions and we got some really fun shots. Then LeAnn and Cherron jumped in with some special requests (especially for Kaylee and Jadyn with the car) that had me cracking up. These two are a hoot. I’ve never seen two mom’s whose kids are dating have so much fun together. The shot of Jadyn cleaning his car’s rim with Kaylee’s dress was actually a special request of his father.

My own proms feel like they were a lifetime ago. Like Kaylee, I wore a red dress to one of my proms (my junior prom). I wore a white dress with pastel flowers that I bought last minute to my senior prom. To my lady readers: What was your dress like? Describe it in the comments below!

Here are some of my favorites from this Chattanooga Prom Photography session. Clearly, I got a little carried away. I love working with high schoolers to capture fun events and senior portraits. For more info about scheduling a photo session with me, click here.

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