Renaissance Park Photo Session: The Levys

I loved meeting the Levys for their Renaissance Park photo session. When Mary Kathryn reached out to schedule a session a few months ago, she had me cracking up reading her messages. She informed me that my own MK has a future ahead of her that will involve constantly correcting people on the fact that her name is “Mary Katherine” (not “Mary”, not “Katherine”). I knew that we were going to get along just fine. 

I met them on a super busy day on the North Shore. It was a perfect spring day, so the parks were buzzing with people. We were still able to find some quiet spots to snap these sweet family photos. 

The Levys moved to Chattanooga in 2019 after Evan finished his residency and internship. He is an eye surgeon (you can check out his work here– but if you’re squeamish and don’t like medical procedures, keep scrolling) and MK works for The United Way. They really had not had the chance to explore a lot of the North Shore before COVID. It was fun to introduce them to this part of their city!

William was a perfectly happy little doll-baby for our session. I kept expecting him to hit a wall, since it was an evening shoot. We got the photos we wanted and were finished without a single protest from him. Spring sessions can be hard for littles, as I try to schedule as close to sunset as possible. Mary Kathryn handled it like a pro, shifting William’s nap later and it totally worked!!

Here are some of my favorites from our Renaissance Park photo session together! For more information about photo sessions with me, click here.

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