6 Tips for What to Wear For A Chattanooga Photoshoot

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One of the most common questions I receive leading up to my Chattanooga family, newborn, and engagement photo sessions is: “What should I wear?” This style guide is my effort to provide tips for what to wear for a Chattanooga photoshoot. However, remember, it is just a guide. This is your session and ultimately you should wear what you like and what makes you comfortable. 

Chattanooga newborn photography session style;  What to wear
You don’t have to be matchy-matchy. There are several colors in this photo, but their light/pastel nature tie each outfit together.

1. What you wear does affect the feel of your photos. 

My clients choose me as their photographer in part because they like my bright, warm style. While I as the photographer am responsible for placing you in the best light with an ideal background to achieve this result, what you wear does have a huge impact on how bright/dark a photo appears. 

Lookout Mountain, GA family photography session style; brothers in neutral, light outfits
How handsome are these guys!? I know them personally and this is not their everyday attire. A photo session is not an everyday experience for most of us, so consider wearing something a little more formal than typical.

2. Wear light/neutral colors. 

For a brighter feeling photograph, wear clothes that will reflect light. Choose outfits that are white, cream, blush/light pink, light blue, light purple. These choices help reflect light back into your face for a glowy, bright skin tone. As a photographer, it’s my goal that these pictures end up on the walls of your home. Muted clothing will more likely mesh with your home decor for years to come. However, do be careful about wearing green in a “green” location. (We don’t want you clashing with the grass and leaves.)

newborn photographer in chattanooga, tn

3. Avoid bold prints and patterns. 

Ideally, your smiling faces will be the focal point of the photograph; not your clothes. We don’t want your clothes to steal the attention. However, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid prints all together, just opt for more subtle, muted options. 

Photo Shoot Maternity Dress
The subtle pattern on her dress does not distract from these two beautiful faces.

4. Don’t be afraid to get dressy.  

It’s not everyday that you get professional pictures taken! Feel free to play around and wear something more formal than you typically might. For example, maxi dresses and skirts are universally flattering, timeless and can add some fun movement to your pictures. 

Photo Session Maternity Dress
Give the maxi dress/skirt a try. The can bring a classic elegance to your shoot. This is one of my FAVORITE photoshoot dresses and you can find it on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/35TWzGC.

5. How to break the rules: Bold colors. 

Let’s say you’ve found an outfit you love to wear and it’s a bold or rich color, but you still want your photos to be bright? Communicate this during the planning phase of your session. We can select a location with a neutral/light background to balance you out and make you pop. 

When to break the rules for bright neutral newborn photo sessions
When planning for a home session, take into account your wall colors and decor. Her gorgeous green dress makes her pop against the background of the neutral nursery.
Coordinating outfits for Chattanooga family photos
Yes, his entire outfit “breaks the rules”, but is perfectly balanced by her more neutral palate and the location. Also- she deserves a gold star for how perfectly her earrings coordinate with his outfit.

6. How to break the rules: Getting festive.  

I take a lot of family portraits for the holidays. Some of you Mommas may be thinking, “I really want my child to wear the darling red dress with smocked Christmas trees I just bought!” Use it- but balance it out with your other wardrobe choices. For example, if your dressing your children in bold colors, opt for light neutrals for you and your spouse. If one member of a couple goes bold, the other should go neutral. 

Festive outfits for Lookout Mountain, TN Christmas card photo
This momma wanted to go “festive” with her sons’ outfits. My advice was to provide balance with her and her husband’s outfits and they nailed it!

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful while you plan what to wear for a Chattanooga photoshoot. Never hesitate to contact me and ask questions in the process of preparing for your session. I actually love receiving texts with pictures of outfit options from my clients. I’m always happy to give you guidance as we plan the perfect session to showcase the ones you love. 

For more information about scheduling a session with me, click here and here.

For inspo for what to wear for a Chattanooga photoshoot, check out these sites for fashion inspiration:

One of my all time favorite dresses for photoshoots can be found on Amazon in several light colors. It’s great for maternity or regular wear. The short sleeve version can be found here: https://amzn.to/35TWzGC. The long sleeve version can be found here: https://amzn.to/3vJsWmk

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