Christmas Party Dresses

Are you in search of the perfect Christmas Party Dresses for the 2023 Holiday Season? Then look no further! Chattanooga’s boutique Savannah Taylor has all of the feminine sparkle and glamor you could possibly need. They offer women’s styles as well as many bump friendly maternity Christmas dress options. Even if you don’t live in Chattanooga, TN or the surrounding area, they keep a robust selection of ready to ship stock. Use the code “KELLEY” to get a 10% discount on your order. This women’s boutique needs a spot on your Christmas list too!

Why your clothing company needs brand photos!

If you’ve been following along, you know that this photoshoot of Christmas party dresses is just one in a collection of brand photography photoshoots I’ve completed with this sweet company. Brand photography photoshoots that utilize models serve a vital role connecting with your customer. Branding images with models give your customers better insight into your products. They get a sense of fit and length. This is especially helpful for moms-to-be looking for maternity or bump friendly dresses. Models can showcase how your clothing will look in motion as well. Indeed, models breathe life into your product giving a more accurate sense of sizing, scale, and comfort.

Let’s be honest, most people can spot stock photos from a mile away. Are you interested in branding photos for your website that are you unique and feature your shop’s specific style and personality? A branding photography session involves custom design and will help your company stand out online and on your social media accounts. I personally utilize a combination of natural and artificial lighting to achieve eye-catching, consistent images. When people see your product photos, the goal is for them to immediately know they belong to you! I understand how important accurate colors are, especially when marketing items made with fabric. Correct, fresh colors are a priority to me when capturing and editing your images. Featuring your clothes being worn by models can also help clients get a sense of how colors may work with their own skin tone.

Want me to photograph your own Christmas Party Dress collection or any of your current products? Let’s talk! I’m currently scheduling product photography sessions for winter 2024. You can learn more about working with me by clicking here.

Comment with your favorite Christmas Party Dresses!

Which one of these adorable holiday outfits stands out to you? Comment below with your pick. Or let me know which one you pulled the trigger on. I’m personally considering wearing the red velvet dress to a Christmas party I have coming up this week!

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