Chester Frost Maternity Photography – The Rodens

I met the Rodens on a Friday night for their Chester Frost Maternity photography session at Chester Frost Park. This sweet couple is expecting a baby boy this summer – name TBD. They want to meet their little man before they settle on name. For this photo shoot, they brought along their pup and Bryant’s father to keep an eye on their fur baby when she was off camera. 

The Bryant’s found me on google. I don’t know why it feels surprising when I meet new people through online facilitation, but it does! We literally had no mutual friends despite Bryant growing up on Signal Mountain, TN and Danielle growing up in Dalton, GA. We live in the same town, but it was the internet that brought us together in real life. Bryant and Danielle actually met online, as well. 

My favorite memory from this photoshoot took place in the middle of the session. We had just finished taking some pictures by the lakeshore when the music of an icee truck could be heard nearby. Danielle stopped and a look I know all to well spread across her face: the look of a very pregnant momma with a craving. Her sweet husband ran out to the road and flagged down the icee truck. Danielle wanted a blue icee, which unfortunately clashed with her lovely aqua dress, so we required Bryant to get a red icee for himself. We had to take a picture to document, of course!

Here are my favorites from this Chester Frost maternity photography session. I really had so much fun getting to know this growing little family. As always, it was hard to pick which photos to share on the blog! Do you have a littl one on the way? I love capturing this very special season of life. For more information about scheduling a session with me, click here and here.

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