Chattanooga Milestone Photos: Brenlee

Alexis, a fellow therapist, and I worked really hard to make these Chattanooga milestone photos happen. She reached out to schedule pictures celebrating Brenlee’s first birthday a few months ago. We got a date on the calendar, but then Ryan’s schedule for the Army Reserves changed. A new date was set, but then the weather threatened to be bad. We pressed ahead and thankfully the rain held off until literally 5 minutes after the end of our session. 

The biggest challenge actually ended up being Brenlee herself! Normally happy and easy-going, the evening of our session she was a little fussy and squirmy. Turns out, that sweet babe was feeling bad from an ear infection. You can’t tell it from the pictures though, can you? That’s because Brenlee’s parents are absolute pros and know their baby girl well. They pulled out all of their tickling, bouncing, and dancing tricks. We finished off the session with a sweet little smash cake made by Alexis (and who doesn’t smile about cake, even if they are feeling a little crummy). Brenlee happily dug in.

Happy birthday to this precious Brenlee! I can tell you are so loved and bring your family so much joy. Here are some of my favorite Chattanooga milestone photos from Brenlee’s session at McCoy Farms! For more information about photo sessions with me, click here.

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