Chattanooga Laundry – Business Spotlight

If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen that I’ve started a little series about local New Mama Resources. Today, I want to shine a little spotlight on one of my favorite Chattanooga Laundry services: Freedom From Laundry. If you’re an expecting mom, you may want to proactively line up this service before your baby even arrives. Do you have an expecting mother in your life? Consider giving her a gift card as part of a baby shower gift!

If your family is like mine, the laundry feels like it triples over night when you have a newborn. Without wading into the gritty details, the spit up and leaky diapers in those early weeks. The clothes just pile up. If this thought is a stressor to you, consider reaching out to Freedom from Laundry. This service offers porch pick up and will deliver your clothes back to you in 2 business days. The clothes return folded/hung and ready to go! Even if you don’t like the idea of sending off the baby’s clothes, consider just outsourcing your own laundry to lighten the load.

My family used this service last year off and on during some busy work seasons when I just couldn’t keep up. I have since met the owners personally and they are truly the sweetest people. I wish I had known about this Chattanooga laundry service when we had newborns in the house! Are there any Chattanooga business or services that you think would be really beneficial to new moms? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Also let me know if you end up trying this service! Let them know that Kelley Hoagland Photography sent you.

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