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When it comes to scheduling photography, Chattanooga TN weather can sometimes throw curve balls. While planning sessions, clients frequently ask, “What if it rains?” In this blog post, I’ll address my weather protocol in order to give you a clearer idea of what to expect when scheduling with me!

When I have a session coming up, I become a little obsessed with the weather. Know that I will be paying attention. However, I have found that we really can’t know what the weather will do until a day or two before the session. A week out, the forecast changes a lot.

I intentionally keep wiggle room.

I have learned that to keep intentional gaps in my schedule in case we need to reschedule your session due to weather. Once I can see the hourly forecast the day before, we can make concrete plans. This may mean moving up your session or moving it back! If it’s Tuesday and our Friday session forecast is calling for rain but it’s clearly going to be sunny on Wednesday, I’m happy to move up our session if my schedule allows. With outdoor photography in Chattanooga, TN I always hold my plans loosely.

What if our Chattanooga TN photography session date can’t be moved?

If you session must take place on a specific date due to travel plans or an event, let’s come up with a Plan B! Chattanooga offers lovely spots for photography where we can also seek shelter from rain. We can even move inside! If you aren’t afraid of getting wet, I own some super cute clear umbrellas. This is a big reason I like to have phone consultations ahead of sessions with my clients. Let’s talk through all the worst case scenarios and have a plan in place!

Session Timing

Typically, I schedule outdoor sessions at “golden hour”. The golden hours are the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. On sunny days, this time of day gives dreamy, glowing light. However, if dense clouds roll in we may want to move our session up. Thick clouds can cause nigh time darkness to set in about 30 minutes earlier. Overcast days bring their own perks. Because the clouds make the sunlight even (think of how you don’t see stark shadows on the ground on cloudy days), we can find great light for photography earlier in the day!

“Play Chicken” with the weather

Depending on you tolerance for last minute plans and risk, we can always “play chicken” with the weather and make a last minute decision. That’s what happened with this beautiful rose session. The mama and I had been planning an indoor heirloom portrait session. When she saw rose portraits I had posted of my daughters on social media she decided she would prefer an outdoor session, saving the indoor portraits for a later date. The problem? I was leaving for a beach vacation with my family the next day. The roses would have faded by the time I returned from the beach. There was rain in the forecast for that evening. We both lived near the photo spot so we moved the session up and went for it! We worked quickly, watching the rain clouds moving in. Yet the results were exactly what we were going for!

If you want to learn more about these kids’s adorable outfits, check out Teddy & Beau Heirloom Clothier on Instagram.

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Photography Chattanooga TN Rose session, little boy in antique outfit

Girl in front of roses during portrait session

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