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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times: What you wear during your session has a huge impact on the overall feel of your portraits. If you’re a woman in the Chattanooga area, you’re in luck because we have a new Chattanooga boutique in the downtown area with plenty of photo-worthy options!

It’s not everyday that you schedule a family portrait session and it’s certainly not everyday that your schedule maternity portraits and newborn portraits. This is why I generally encourage my clients not to shy away from putting their best foot forward and wearing a more refined, dressy outfit. Wearing an elegant dress or gown can elevate the entire look of your images. However, as a woman and mom of 3 myself, I understand what a daunting task picking out a session wardrobe can be. So here are a few rules of thumb to follow:

  • Choose light colors. Lighter colors will help you “pop” by helping reflect light into your face. They are also crucial if you are trying to achieve my signature warm, bright style.
  • Choose solids or subtle prints. We want the focus to be on you. Large, bold prints can be distracting and often become dated more quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear a full length, flowy dress.
  • You can access my full list to recommendations here.

You may be thinking, “that’s all well and good but where in the word should I even look for this type of dress?” Until recently, I mostly had to direct my clients to online dress shops and boutiques. Believe me, I know what a pain that process can be. I personally get tired of ordering, trying on, and returning on repeat. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when I learned about Savannah Taylor Boutique opening in downtown Chattanooga, TN. They have recently opened a beautiful, physical location near Patten Parkway. You can actually shop and try on dresses in person. They keep lots of elegant, feminine styles in stock and carry maternity friendly options as well!

I’ve started stocking my own client wardrobe closet with some of their styles. If you’ve schedule a session with me, I’m happy to supply some session options for you to try! Check out some of their Fall/Winter 2022/2023 styles below. If you’d like to learn more about scheduling a photography session with me, click here. Are you a business looking for product photography or branding photography? Let’s Chat!

Woman in Savannah Taylor Boutique dress in Renaissance Park, Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga boutique dress photoshoot, floral maternity dress
Photoshoot fashion, Chattanooga boutique dress in Renaissance Park
Floral gown, downtown Chattanooga, TN boutique
Downtown Chattanooga boutique dress photoshoot
Wardrobe for Chattanooga photography from Chattanooga boutique Savannah Taylor

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