Choosing Outfits For Your Newborn Photo Session

You’ve scheduled your Chattanooga newborn photographer. Now it’s time to think about outfits for your newborn photo session. IF you’ve been following along with my “Planning Your Session” series, you know that my previous two posts have covered when to schedule your session and general FAQs. In this post, I want to specifically address planning your outfits.

I previously published a general post about what to wear to your Chattanooga photo shoot (spoiler: I think light, neutrals are most flattering). However, I feel newborn sessions require slightly more specialized information.

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1. Plan multiple outfits for your newborn and yourself.

Babies are messy! Make sure you have more than one change of clothing for the infant and for yourself. You want to have a back up plan in case of spit up or diaper blow-outs. Trust me on this one.

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2. Choose dressy and casual options.

I recommend a combination of dressy and informal options for your infant.  Pull out those classic, smocked dresses and bubbles, but also choose a simple swaddle or two. Some of my clients will even provide a simple diaper cover, allowing me to really showcase that sweet newborn skin.

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3. Think about your outfits strategically.

There’s a chance your newborn will become fussy as the session progresses and may not tolerate wardrobe changes well. Plan on using your favorite outfits first. If older siblings will be joining us for the session, I usually try to knock out the shots that include them at the beginning so that they can get back to playing. Take that into consideration when picking out the first outfit for your newborn if you have a specific one in mind for the full family shots. For recommendations about how to prepare young children for the photo session, you may find this blog post helpful. 

It never hurts to check out local stores when planning your session outfits. These local stores offer some great options:

The Sandbox

Sweet E’s

Bagsy – Online Children’s Consignment

Kid to Kid Consignent

There you have it! I hope these tips will help you choose outfits for your newborn photo session. If you have additional questions you would like addressed, feel free to leave them down in the comment section.

More details about sessions with me can be found here. To schedule a newborn session with me, find my contact form here.

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