Ridgeland High School Senior Photography: Georiga

I love offering Ridgeland High School Senior Photography! The last year of high school, college, or graduate school is such a special time of life, full of excitement and anticipation. It’s a season well worth documenting!

Georgia and I may have gotten a little carried away when it comes to the documenting. We first worked together for senior portraits. Then came homecoming photos, senior prom portraits, and finally a cap and gown graduation session. I loved getting to check in with her every few months throughout her senior. She would fill me in on her plans for the future and any current developments in her life. It was also fun to see how Georgia grew in confidence in front of the camera with every session. This sweet girl totally trusted me and the process. It paid off for sure!

With the help of her aunt, we came to the conclusion that are second cousins. Her grandfather was one of my grandmother’s little brothers. There were a total of 9 children in our grandparent’s generation, so there are a lot of cousins to keep straight. She’ll hate me for saying it, but I do have distinct memories of carrying her around at family reunions when she was just a cute little nugget. It made it even more special to document, the beautiful young woman she has become.

A week ago I received the cutest graduation announcement from her in the mail. It featured several of our sessions together. I know these photos will only become even more priceless as she moves on into the coming stages of life. Here are some of my favorites from our multiple senior photography sessions together. If you are interested in learning more about scheduling your own session with me as a Ridgeland High School senior photographer, click here.

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