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When it comes to scheduling portrait photography, Chattanooga is a beautiful setting during every season of the year. However, each season comes with with its own benefits and challenges. Before we dive into considerations for each season, I think there’s one big question to consider before scheduling your outdoor session: What are you wanting to do with your portraits? Specifically, if you are planning on using your images for wall art, it’s important to consider the colors of the room you are decorating.

I have personally made the mistake of not considering my decor when choosing portraits. When filling the built-ins of my living room, I printed a variety of portraits of my children. I included an 8×10 print of my daughters from last spring in front of a bright pink blooming cherry tree. It’s one of my favorite images of them, but as soon as I placed it on the shelf, I realized it just didn’t fit the room. While the room is largely neutral, our rug brings in accents of warm tones like burgundy that totally clashed with the bright pink tree in the backdrop of the portrait. I’ll be finding a new location for that piece of art. Don’t make my mistake! As you consider when to schedule your next session, take a close look at the decor of your home.

Spring Chattanooga Photography

I’ll be honest, Spring is one of my favorite times for portrait sessions. There are so may beautiful, blooming plants that make an appearance during this season and can provide a truly magical, whimsical backdrop. You can find my list of favorite blooms here. The sun generally sets at a reasonable hour, which can be helpful if you have younger children (I generally schedule outdoor sessions in the hour before sunset). However, the weather can be rather unpredictable. March temperatures and swing from freezing to warm within a matter of days. Thunderstorms and rainy days are a frequent occurrence. I make it a rule to schedule a limited number of outdoor sessions each month so that there is plenty of room if the weather forces a reschedule.

Chattanooga photographers session with rose bushes in spring

Spring Chattanooga photography session, mother and daughter with flowers
Cherry blossoms in Chattanooga photographers spring session

Summer Chattanooga Photography

The landscape comes alive during summers in Chattanooga. Everything is green and bright. We get plenty of sunshine with usually brief pop up thunderstorms. However, it gets hot and humid. During these warm summer months, I do my best to keep my subjects in the shade and bring a long lots of hairspray to combat the frizzy hair the humidity inspires. Early morning sessions are a great option during the height of summer, especially considering that the sun does not set until close to 9PM.

Maternity session in mountains near Chattanooga, TN during the summer
Summer Family session at Point Park on Lookout Mountain, TN
Spring photography Chattanooga, TN, baby in Renaissance Park

Fall Chattanooga Photography

Fall is by far the most popular time for family portraits in the Chattanooga area. The weather is mild, the fall colors are lovely, and everyone is preparing for their holiday cards. If this is when you want a session, it’s wise to schedule early. I often send out my slots in late summer and they go quickly. (You can join my email list here.) The fall leaves in Chattanooga usually hit their peak between the last week of October and first week of November. However, this can vary. Usually pockets of pretty colors can be found even into the second and third week of November. Chattanooga temperatures typically remain warm and mild through October. The deeper we get into the fall, the changes of cold snaps increase.

Fall Chattanooga photography session at Greenway Farms, family dressed in neutrals
Chattanooga senior portraits, Chattanooga photographers in fall
Fall photography session on Lookout Mountain, Family in leaves

Winter Chattanooga Photography

Winter tends to be least popular season for Chattanooga photography sessions, but don’t forget that it has its own, neutral beauty. It’s not a lost cause. This is a great time to photography is golden grasses or downtown streets. While there are plenty of freezing weeks, there are also weeks that the temperatures climb into the upper 50’s and even low 60’s. If you are ever interested in a snowy session, know that as long as the roads are safe, I’m game!

Chattanooga winter maternity session _ Chattanooga golf and country club _ Floral maternity dress
Photography Chattanooga winter maternity session in tall grass
Downtown Chattanooga photography session at West Village

I love scheduling outdoor Chattanooga photography sessions throughout the year, even if some sessions require a little more flexibility. To learn more about scheduling a session with me, click here. You can see more of my portfolio here. Let’s chat!

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