Lookout Mountain Family Session – At The Retro Pad

Dayna reached out to book this summer vacation Lookout Mountain family photography session back in February. The whole extended family was coming from Michigan to vacation in Chattanooga. On top of it all, they were celebrating their youngest member’s 1st birthday!

Chattanooga is such a great vacation spot for families!

When I was a kid, I used to think it was really odd that people would come to Chattanooga to vacation.  However, if our childhood vacation didn’t involve the ocean, I wasn’t very interested. Now as a parent, I totally get why a family would want to come here.  There’s so much to see and do!  The Smutzki Crew had already seen a lot by the time we did our photography session.  They had visited Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Imax. They even literally got lost on Lookout Mountain hiking trails near Sunset Rock for a good 2 hours! The kids reported Ruby Falls was their favorite attraction so far. The rest of the week’s plans included Creative Discovery Museum and Aquarium before they headed back home. 

Lookout Mountain Retro Pad

Not only were they visiting all the tourist attractions, they were staying at one of the coolest AirBnB’s I’ve seen in the area. Perched on the eastern brow of Lookout Mountain, the Retro Pad’s backyard was the perfect setting for an evening summer session with this fun crew!  This group kept me laughing. We got so many fun pictures of the whole family against the dreamy valley backdrop. They made me think that the next time we go on a unique vacation, I may just have to hire a photographer myself! Here are some of my favorites from this Lookout Mountain Family session. If you’re coming in to town for a vacation or if it’s just time for some new family photos, don’t hesitate to reach out! For more information about photo sessions with me, click here.

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