How to Display Newborn Photos

Maybe you’re in the process of booking a newborn photographer, or maybe you’ve already completed you newborn photography session. Have you thought about how to display your newborn photos? As a photographer, I realize that I’m biased. However, newborn photos truly are priceless heirlooms from a very special time in your family’s life. Don’t go through all of the trouble of booking, planning, getting ready for, and completing the session only to let the images rot away on a dusty hard drive or amongst 10,000 other images on your phone camera roll.

Instead, give you family the gift of turning these images into tangible pieces of art. In this form, your newborn photos can be enjoyed over and over again in a more intentional way. Did you know that a study actually found that when children viewed themselves in portraits they experienced a self-esteem boost? (Read the article here.) I have seen my own children sitting down and admiring our family photos time and time again. Having them in print is a great catalyst for reminiscing during family time.

Newborn Photo Albums

If you ask for my personal and professional option for how to display newborn photos, my immediate recommendation will be albums. We love albums in our house, especially high quality ones that can withstand lots of handling. Albums make photos so accessible and easy to touch and hold. This also solves the problem of picking favorite photos. When only displaying photos on your wall, you have to narrow your choices down to a small selection. An album, on the other hand, can house dozens and dozens of your most beloved photographs. Consider even thinking beyond an album for your newborn photos. If you are doing a 1st Year Membership, the photos of your child’s entire first year could all be housed and organized into one album!

Display newborn photos with luxury leather and linen albums.

Newborn Photo Wall Art

Wall art and framed prints are of course another traditional and beautiful way to display your newborn photos. I love that my children walk by their newborn portraits every day, hanging in the hallway outside their bedrooms. My business has a wide selection of archival quality wall art options available. When I use the term “archival” it means that these pieces of wall art are guaranteed to last up to 100 year if given proper care. They are true heirlooms that can be passed down to the next generation!

how to display newborn photos - 20x30 wall art with gold frame

My biggest recommendation for how to display newborn photos?

If you are serious about good quality prints of your portraits, find a photographer who also specializes in photography products. He or she can help guide you through the process of finding ways to print your photos that will fit with your lifestyle and home decor. I personally love being invited to help design pieces for my client’s homes. The end result of this collaboration is always stunning!

Interested in learning more about working with me for a Chattanooga newborn photography session? Click here! I serve the greater Chattanooga area, including: Ooltewah, East Brainerd, East Ridge, Hixson, Harrison, Ringgold, Fort Oglethorpe, Chickamauga, Trenton, Chattanooga Valley, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, and Lookout Mountain. I’m also willing to travel outside of Chattanooga for sessions, but travel fees may apply. Learn more about my story and how I accidentally started a photography business by clicking here.

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