Fall Dresses for Chattanooga Photography Session

If you have a Chattanooga photography session coming up with me, I would love to help you find the perfect outfits for your family! Stores are currently releasing their fall collections, so I will keep adding as I find outfits. Ultimately, I want to you to wear something that you love, feel comfortable/beautiful in, and that expresses your individual style. That being said, here are a few general tips that I have found to be true for wardrobe during photography sessions:

3 Tips for Fall Chattanooga Photography Session Wardrobes:

Photo Shoot Maternity Dress

Keep the colors (at least some of them) light!

My clients often choose me as their photographer because they like my bright, warm style. Here’s a little secret, your wardrobe has a huge impact on the feel of your portraits. If you aren’t sold, go ahead and re-visit my Instagram feed. You should find consistently bright portraits there. What do the clothes of the subjects featured there have in common? They are light colors. However, I totally understand that you may want to get festive with plaids and jewel tones for your fall session. My suggestion? Balance it out! If your kids are dressed in deep colors, dress you and your husband in something light. Are you all planning to wear deep colors, but you still want a light feel? Lets intentionally plan your session for a location where we can incorporate a light background or a lot of sky.

Don’t hesitate to dress it up!

You don’t have to break out a tuxedo and ball gown, but also consider that it’s not everyday that you take the time for family portraits. Wearing nicer clothes elevates the overall feel of your images. As a photographer, I take note of what professional portraits people tend to share most often. Do you know what images I see re-used the most (for birthday posts, best friend posts, etc)? Family portraits from weddings; even years after the fact. Now, am I saying you have to dress like a member of a wedding party? No, but do consider that your family may really treasure these portraits where you are dressed to the nines for years to come. Don’t hesitate to put on that nice dress that hugs you in all the right places.

Stick to 2-4 colors.

We want your family to look cohesive, but not completely match (think of the cliche beach photos in which everyone is wearing white tops and jeans). Depending on the number of family members you have, choose some outfits with coordinating variety. Be especially mindful of infants in your family. Since they will likely be held for many of the portraits, make sure his/her outfit slightly varies from both parent’s.

Pieces to consider for you Fall Chattanooga Photography Session:

Mom’s Dress Link; Girl’s Dress Link; Knit Overalls

Dresses for Mom:

Chattanooga Photographer
White Amazon Dress

Dresses for Girls:

Outfits for Boys:

Be sure to check out The Sandbox Boutique and Sweet E’s Boutique for some local options for your Fall Chattanooga Photography Session! If you are scheduling a session with me, know that I love to help my clients plan their wardrobe. Indeed, what one wears has a huge impact on the overall feel of your portraits. I’ve even started a client closet for moms to borrow from. To learn more about scheduling a session with me, click here.

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