Chattanooga Photo Spots – Winter

Finding pretty Chattanooga Photo Spots in the winter can be more challenging than in the summer, but it is certainly not impossible. If you are planning a maternity session and your 3rd trimester is in the dead of winter or you want to document another exciting milestone like a December graduation, don’t shy way from portraits. The scenic city still has a lot to offer in the winter. (If you are scheduling a photography session in summer/fall, check out these locations. If you are considering a spring/summer session, you may want incorporate these Chattanooga flowers.)

1) Downtown Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga Photo Spots

Downtown Chattanooga is lovely all year round and has many photo worthy areas. Urban areas tend to provide color and photograph well even if the trees are bare. Consider a walk along the Walnut Street Bridge or through pedestrian heavy areas like West Village. From a roof top, the wintering city still glows!

Chattanooga Photo Spot - West Village

2) Coolidge Park

Many of our Chattanooga Parks offer a beautiful, muted backdrop even in winter. Scheduling your session around sunset offers an added glow to make the wintering scene come alive. Coolidge Park is always a wonderful choice, featuring the Tennessee River and iconic architectural features such as the bridges.

Photo spots Chattanooga - coolidge park
Chattanooga Coolidge Park Photoshoot

3) Head to a Higher Elevation

If you are looking for an epic Chattanooga photo spot, head to the surrounding higher elevations. Mountian views are beautiful no matter the season. With Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, and Raccoon Mountain all within a short driving distance, there are so many options!

Raccoon Mountain Chattanooga photospot

4) Your Own Home!

Let’s be real, the weather in Chattanooga can be hit or miss in the winter. We have plenty of days that it’s warm and hits 60+ degrees. But then we also go through periods where there are days of cold rain and fog. Scheduling in the winter requires some flexibility for re-schedules unless you schedule your session at home. Dreary winter days are a great time to schedule in-home family sessions. Learn more about these types of sessions here.

Family playing on bed during family photography session

Want to discuss winter Chattanooga photo spots and learn more about scheduling a session with me? Check out the details page here. You can also see more of my work on my portfolio page.

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