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In the next post in my series “New Mama Resources” I highlight Chattanooga Lactation with Ashley Lucas RN, IBCLC. If you’ve read my about page, you know that I totally failed to schedule a newborn photography session for my first child. (Ironic, I know!) This happened partly because I was really focused on the birth process and newborn photos had therefore not crossed my mind. My struggle with breastfeeding was another huge reason. I thought it would come easily and naturally. It didn’t. While I reached out to some resources during that, the help I received lacked the element of emotional support I also really needed. (A health care provider literally made fun of me for being driven and “perfectionistic”.) My husband still shudders when he thinks of those early week.

When I gave birth to my 3rd daughter, I thought the whole nursing thing would happen a quickly and easily for once. I felt so discouraged when the pain started. I knew I needed help, but after my last lactation experience, I felt nervous to seek assistance. Erlanger Hospital hosted a lactation clinic, but we were in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the middle of a spike in cases. The thought of going back to the hospital was less than ideal.

Fresh 48 photography in Chattanooga, TN.  Detail portrait of newborn baby girl hair.

I felt such relief when I discovered Ashely and her company Chattanooga Lactation. She literally drove to my house for the appointment, which was a huge blessing in itself. Ashley calmly and patiently assessed and instructed me. She provided handouts and online resources for me to reference back to. She even measured me to make sure my pump with fit correctly when I went back to work. (I pumped with my older two and literally no one ever helped me ensure I was using the correct size.) Insurance even covered her services! My issue was minor, so I only required one in-person visit with her and then I was back on the path to successful breastfeeding.

Ashely now offers services out of her cozy new office space in Ooltewah. She provides pre-natal consults, lactation consults, assistance with back to work/bottle refusals, and tongue tie assessment. Telehealth services are also available for scheduling. Check out her website for more information!

I hope my new mamas will find this blog series helpful! When I work with newborn mother’s I strive to be sensitive to the the challenges this transitional time brings. If a Chattanooga service or business really helped you in your journey into motherhood, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email. If you want to learn more about newborn photography sessions with me, click here!

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