Chattanooga Branding Photography For Embodied Pelvic Health

Along with my beloved family portrait sessions and heirloom sessions, I’ve been scheduling more and more Chattanooga branding photography sessions. You can read more about those services here. For me, serving clients in a new way has been a fun challenge. More importantly, there’s a lot of joy in getting to know other business owners and learning about his or her journey. Chattanooga has a thriving small business community and there are so many ways that we can support each other! When Dr. Gracie Davenport from Embodied Pelvic Health inquired about branding photography, I suspected we might be a perfect fit. My previous career was as a pediatric occupational therapist, so I’m very familiar with the flow of therapy sessions. As a woman who’s given birth to three children, I was especially excited to shine a light on her pelvic floor therapy services.

This Chattanooga branding photography session took place on location in Embodied Pelvic Health’s cozy office on Broad Street. Dr. Gracie has created an inviting, comfortable space that is very convenient to Lookout Mountain, Lookout Valley, St Elmo, downtown Chattanooga, and beyond. Parking is easy and next to the building, which isn’t always a common amenity so close to downtown.

Embodied Pelvic Health’s Services

So what is pelvic health therapy? Pelvic floor therapy is directed by a physical therapist and specifically addresses ailments related to the pelvic floor and pelvic region. Embodied Pelvic Health specifically exists to treat women and takes a holistic mind-body approach, utilizing nervous system regulation techniques to facilitate long term healing. As a pelvic floor therapist, Dr. Gracie addresses ailments during pregnancy, labor and delivery preparation, postpartum recovery, urinary and bowel dysfunction, orthopedic complaints, sexual health, and more!

Embodied pelvic health provides one-on-one treatments with a personalized approach. During our Chattanooga branding photography session, I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Gracie Davenport in action with an expectant mother. As a treatment provider, she is warm and welcoming, quickly putting others at ease. She does an excellent job of communicating with her patients during assessment and when guiding through exercises and stretches. With Embodied Pelvic Health, Chattanooga women are in good hands!

Chattanooga Branding Photography

Check out some of the branding images from our session together! Are you a service provider, medical professional, or small business in need of updated Chattanooga branding photography for your website, social media, or general marketing? Let’s chat. I would love to hear more about your current needs and how I might be of service to you! Contact me through my website and I will connect with you soon.

Cozy office at Embodied pelvic health.  Branding photography in Chattanooga.

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