Lookout Lavender

Sometimes you’ve just got to do a little mini-session of your own family, right? We went on a little adventure to Lookout Lavender at the 11th hour of their “you-pick” schedule and it did not disappoint! We had never visited a lavender farm before and the girl’s loved clipping their own little sprigs and exploring. As you walk into the field, the delicious smell just wafts around you. It was quite warm, but they had little shaded sitting areas set up around the field and even provided a cooler of water. The staff was super friendly and welcoming. Put them on you calendar for next June. It’s well worth the visit. For more information about the farm, click here.

  1. Alice Marrin says:

    We love these pictures! Thanks for coming to visit. Sharing our field is our joy.

    Alice Marrin
    Lookout Lavender Farm

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