Signal Mountain Newborn Photography Session: The Haynes

This Signal Mountain newborn photography session was refreshing to my soul! I realized the other day, that the only times this momma really leaves the house alone right now, (besides hospital work days) is to do photo sessions. I have really missed Lindsey and our weekly Women’s Bible Study hang outs. We’ve texted back and forth during the shut down, but it was so great to see her smiling face in the flesh!

What a thrill I had to meet little Claire, but I really enjoyed watching Anne and Nora love their little sister (and vie for their turn to hold her). They are just a stage ahead of my two girls, so it felt like a glimpse into my future, 5 months down the road when we bring our next babe home.

Anne also proved to be my little photography sidekick. When her pictures were finished, she went and found a step stool exactly like the one I use to get different angles, grabbed an iPhone and started snapping pictures alongside me. She showed me a few that were actually quite good! She may have been bitten by the photography bug. I for-see her taking her own fantastic photos of sweet little Claire from here on out.

I love capturing these early days with the new addition to your family is fresh and tiny. It is such a magical season. More details about sessions with me can be found here. To schedule a Signal Mountain newborn photography session with me, find my contact form here.

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