Signal Mountain Newborn Photo Session: The Decosimos

I often hear from mommas that they feel so much more relaxed the second time around. Melissa definitely voiced this about precious Mary Austin during her Signal Mountain newborn photo session. After all, she gave birth to her sweet twin girls the first time around. Mary Austin didn’t want to get into a deep sleep for us. Nevertheless, she sure proved a content little thing and Melissa handled her unexpected wakefulness perfectly.

I just love seeing bright eyed little newborns. Mary Austin was a little older than many of the newborns I photograph, so she was a little more awake to the world. I always just wonder what in the world is going on in their heads as they experience all of the sights and sounds of the world for the first time. Her twin sisters certainly provide her a lot of entertainment. Before long, I’m sure she will be in the thick of their adventures.

The OT in me was also pretty impressed by Mary Austin’s already emerging tummy time head control (see the last pic). She is a strong little thing and will be on the move in no time. I really enjoyed officially meeting and working with this beautiful family of five during their Signal Mountain newborn photography session. Turns out, Mary Austin’s father and I were at the same elementary school for a time. It always surprises me how two people can grow up in the same town, knowing many of the same people, but never meet until random circumstances like a newborn photo shoot bring them together.

I love helping families capture these early days with a new family addition. More details about sessions with me can be found here. To schedule a Signal Mountain newborn photo session with me, find my contact form here.

  1. Ruth Ellen McQuiston says:

    What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

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