Signal Mountain Newborn Lifestyle Photography – Keller

How sweet was little Keller during his Signal Mountain newborn lifestyle photography session? We originally planned for a date soon after Keller’s birth. Then the Picketts found a house and moved shortly after his arrival. We waited until they settled a little into their beautiful new digs before I came over to take pictures. Their house felt impressively homey already, considering they moved with a newborn, plus his two older siblings. Lauren pointed out that the mirror resting on the entryway table was still in its store wrapper. It made me chuckle. If it were my house, the mirror would probably stay that way for a while.

While I typically encourage families to schedule newborn pictures in the first few weeks when their baby is still tiny, sleepy and curly; sometimes that timing simply doesn’t work out. Even with older infants, the pictures are clearly still worth taking (see below). I personally love how slightly older infants really start to look more like ‘themselves’. Maybe it’s that they are a little less smooshed and traumatized. Keller looks 100% like a Pickett to me. I loved seeing little echos of his siblings and parents in his face. He fits right in already.

The sweetest moments of the session definitely included watching Amelia and Porter help comfort Keller. He started fussing half way through our session, and they helped sing him to sleep. I have 3 children myself, so I know getting these kiddos prepared and dressed on time in a new house was no small feat. Yet, I think the precious fruits of their labor speak for themselves. Scroll down for my favorites from our session together. If you are looking to schedule a Signal Mountain newborn photography lifestyle session, I’d love to chat. More information about booking a session with me can be found here.

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