Pickwick Lake 2020

Sometimes it’s worth blogging your own family adventures, right?

Ben and I calculated that we’ve probably stayed at the Garrett’s lake house at least 16 times over the past decade (thanks, Bob and Kathy!). The nature of our trips has evolved drastically as our life stages have progressed. It’s been funny to even recognize the major changes in how we spend our time there as the kids age by even just one year.

This summer, we had a smaller crew for this trip because Bob and Kathy spent part of the weekend with us to check on their new construction project. There was the same digging in the dirt, zip-lining, swimming, snacking and boat-riding of years past. The main new edition was FISHING! I knew that our little friend Dan had spent a lot of a previous weekend with a reel in his hand, but I didn’t really expect my girls to pay much attention to it. Boy, was I wrong! While she at times grew a little weary of the patience required, Caroline was our little cheerleader whenever she didn’t have a pole in her own hands (as evidenced by the picture above of her jumping up and down as Dan pulled one in). We did have some thrilling catches- both Ben and Bob caught catfishes. Even the little brim were cause for jubilant celebration on our dock. When we weren’t fishing, the constant question was, “Can we go fishing again?”

In a world that feels turned upside down at the moment, this weekend felt so normal. Of course, COVID played a role in our planning (both families were following a similarly strict level of quarantine) and was part of the weekend conversation. It was just so refreshing to unplug for a little while, play with our kids, eat lots of sugar, and catch up in person with old friends. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

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