Newborn Photographer Near Me: Signal Mountain Session

Clients who are in the process of searching for a newborn photographer near them, often ask about the best time age to book newborn sessions. If you’ve spent any time looking at my work, you’ll find that I don’t place newborns in extreme poses. I take a more natural approach. Therefore, we aren’t limited to the first two weeks of life (when newborns are most flexible). Let’s be honest, babies come on their own time. It’s difficult to predict when exactly that will be and how ready your family will feel for a portrait session.

This sweet babe arrived early, but his family decided to keep the originally set session date in order to limit his exposure to people until he reached full term. Babies who are older than two weeks tend to be awake and alert for longer stretches. This was true to this little guy. Despite our best efforts to get him to doze, the moment we set him down, his eyes would snap wide open. His mother joked that her oldest was exactly the same way. The babies she gives birth to don’t like to sleep!

Honestly, I think there’s something special about photographs of newborns that are wide awake. It’s almost like you get to stare into their new little souls and see a glimpse of their future personality. He took in the world around him, especially his older brother. I’m sure it won’t be long before this baby is following him everywhere and copying his every move.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our session together. If you are looking for a newborn photographer near you and would like to learn more about booking me as your Chattanooga TN newborn photographer, click here.

Baby’s Outfit: Threads on Signal Mountain

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