Newborn Photographer In Chattanooga

I remember when I was expecting my second child and I wondered if there was any way I would have room in my heart to love another child. Like in The Grinch, my heart doubled in size. I know that this mama would agree that when you give birth to your third baby, your heart triples if not quadruples in size. We discussed this while I snapped photos of their third son cuddled up asleep on their bed as their newborn photographer in Chattanooga.

We decided that much of it comes down to perspective. Having your first child is such a shock to the system. Your whole lifestyle gets upended while you’re trying to figure out how to keep this little bundle alive. By the time you bring your second or third child home, you have likely settled into this new season of life. You’ve done this before, resulting in a higher confidence level. You better know how quickly the time flies and how fleeting each challenging stage really is. Despite the sleep deprivation, Bronwen had a peace about her during our session.

Speaking of peace, how beautiful and calming are her neutral bedroom and nursery?! I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve very intentional about the rooms I choose when photographing families in their homes. For newborn photography sessions, I want a setting that is soft and light. Newborns don’t need a decadent decorations. They are gorgeous on their own. I look for light, muted surroundings that will allow their beautiful faces to remain the focus of our portraits.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Chattanooga, TN, let’s chat! To find out more information about scheduling a session with me, click here.

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