Mitchell and Phillips Families

Shelley and I were in occupational therapy school together. I loved getting to catch up and spend some time with her precious kiddos and her sisters’ families. Poor Cameron was not feeling 100%, but we coaxed some smiles out of her. I have to give a shout out to Tiffany who brought the perfect photo-shoot treat: marshmallows! Her rationale was that they are small enough to hide in kiddos’ hands and aren’t messy. I’m totally stealing her idea.

Here are some of my favorites from these two fun families. I did take several full family shots, but I wanted to keep their Christmas card pictures a surprise, so I won’t share them here.


The Mitchell’s met up with me after another shoot to do some makeup pictures since sweet Cameron wasn’t feeling great our first round. I’m so glad they did so see could capture a few more sweet moments, especially of Miles and Cameron together.

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