Family Photographer in Chattanooga: Extended Families

As a family photographer in Chattanooga, I photograph not just immediate family units, but a few large extended family sessions throughout the year. I honestly really appreciate these sessions. Grandparents want portraits with their grandkids. Even though their children have left the house, grandparents want portraits with their grown children too. You’re already going to the trouble of getting everyone dressed and out the door. Why not invite along the whole extended family? Granted, this does make the logistics of scheduling a session a bit more challenging. But in the long run, the effort will be worth it.

On of the biggest questions I get about portrait sessions in general is: What should I wear? The task of coordinating a wardrobe is daunting for some moms when it only involves the immediate family. Trying coordinate across multiple families can be down right paralyzing. Don’t fret! I’m here to help. I love consulting with my families about wardrobe as part of the planning process. What you wear has just as much impact on the feel of your images as the location we choose. In this post, I want to share a few quick tips to get your started in the right direction.

We’ve all seen the pictures of families on the beach from the early 2000s where everyone is wearing jeans and a white polo. This is a look I would not suggest if you are going for timeless family portraits. Everyone does not need to match! However, if there’s no effort at wardrobe coordination, your portrait will look disjointed and unpolished. Let’s make it easy:

1) Decide on a level of dressiness

How formal do you want your images to be? Should everyone wear suits and dresses? Would a casual portrait better lend itself to your home decor? Does your taste fall somewhere in between? It’s important to decide on your level of desired formality and communicate it to the rest of the family. We don’t want one family unit showing up in t-shirts if another is wearing their Sunday best.

2) Choose 3-4 colors

Just because we don’t want to replicate the matching beach pictures I mentioned above, does not mean there shouldn’t be any color scheme. Consult with your photographer to choose colors that will suit the style of photography you have chosen. I personally steer my clients towards light, neutral tones in order to achieve my light and airy style. For outdoor sessions, I strongly take into account the fact that my subjects will be surrounded by bright green and steer them away from colors that may clash. With your photographer, settle on 3-4 colors, including at least one neutral like white or cream.

Check out the portraits below. This family nailed their session wardrobe with a semi-casual style, lots of neutrals, but pops of light blue and light green. If you are looking for a family photographer in Chattanooga, TN or for the surrounding areas, let’s talk! Learn more about planning a session with me here.

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