Chattanooga TN Newborn Photographer – Missionary Ridge Session

Aren’t genetics funny? This sweet newborn somehow didn’t get her big sisters’ red hair. Her sweet chestnut hair shocked me when I first met her. As a Chattanooga TN newborn photographer, I am endlessly entertained by uniqueness of each family and their members.

I too have three daughters with a similar spread of ages. While there are certainly some similarities, this has their own family culture. I naively thought when having my second girl, that my daughters would share lots of similarities in temperament, interests, and preferences. My two oldest daughters could not be more different. My third daughter is on track to bring another dimension of individuality. This diversity seemed present in this family of little girls as well. I imagine that this sweet family will have a similar experience as they get to know their newest addition. Who will she be? Will she be spirited or calm? Loud or quiet? Witty or serious? Only time will tell, but it was an honor to capture this early moment in a new era of this family’s life.

Here are some of my favorite portraits from this newborn photography session. Are you looking for a light and airy Chattanooga TN Newborn Photographer? Don’t hesitate to reach out and start the process of scheduling your own in-home newborn session. Fine more information here.

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