Chattanooga Maternity Photographer – Studio Session

As a Chattanooga maternity photographer, I enjoy creating portraits of a brief, magical season of anticipation in a family’s life. This season that only lasts for 9 months or less! But to be honest, a big perk of running this business is getting to know and love new families. Sometimes, these families literally live in the same small town as me, but Google or Instagram connect us and brings us face to face.

This was the case with the Specks! They probably live only a 5 minutes drive from my house, but we had never met. This is one sweet family! I was really excited when she told me she wanted to do a studio session with her son for her maternity session. While I love incorporating the beauty of nature into my photoshoots, backdrops bring a really magical about the simplicity to sessions. The eye goes straight to the subject and their uniqueness and beauty is centerstage.

Little Warren was fairly reserved at first. Little kids are often somewhat taken aback by the backdrop and lighting equipment. There’s also this strange lady holding a huge camera (me). We took a few photos and then I allowed him to explore the room a little. That’s when he found a set of little vehicles in a closet that belonged to the children of owner of the building. Obviously, they had to be incorporated! The trucks tickled his feet, drove across the top of my camera, and pushed the shutter button. We took multiple breaks to investigate the closet further for forgotten toys. Sure, there was lots of starting and stopping during our session, but I think the results are pretty magical. Here are some my favorites from our session together. To book a session with this Chattanooga Maternity Photographer, click here.

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