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Most frequently, as a Chattanooga lifestyle newborn photographer, my sessions take place in client’s homes. While studio backdrop sessions are an option, most of my families opt to use their own homes. In this post I’ll discuss the benefits of and considerations for these types of sessions.

Older sister cuddling with newborn brother

The newborn stage is a complete whirlwind. Sometimes staying home can bring needed simplification to the process of getting newborn photos. You don’t have to worry about packing up the outfits, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc in order to leave the house. Everything we will need is already present and accessible. Need a diaper change? Your changing table is ready to go. Need to stop and nurse? Your favorite chair is easily accessible.

In general there isn’t the stress of getting everyone ready on time and out the door to arrive at an appointment. If I arrive and you aren’t quite ready yet, there’s no pressure. I have equipment to set up and rooms to scout out. When the session is finished, you won’t have to load everyone up and into the car again. You’re already home and can relax or move on with your day while I do the loading up of my equipment.

In my opinion, the main stressor of in-home newborn photography sessions is making sure your house is photo-ready. Let me go ahead and simplify that task for you. Before our session, we will discuss the potential rooms we will use during your session. To produce portraits consistent with my typical work, I recommend using rooms with light colored walls and fabrics. Lighting is less of a concern because I bring in my own. Typically, I utilize 1-3 rooms during a session. We’ll consider your nursery, living room, master bedroom, or guest room all before your session. We will start your session with a game plan. All this to say, your entire house does not need to be spotless. I don’t expect it to be! If something needs to be moved, I’ll let you know and help you.

Are you looking for a Chattanooga lifestyle newborn photographer? Let’s chat! To see more of my work, check out my portfolio and learn more about my process an pricing under the details section of my website.

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