Atlas’ 1st Birthday

I was so excited when Alyssa asked me to take some 1st birthday shots of little Atlas. She is so good at decorating and I knew she would have darling ideas. She didn’t disappoint.

I was trying to remember when it was exactly that I met Alyssa. I know it was at church, but we have slowly gotten to know each other during service greetings, the women’s bible study, and play dates. We are members of an unofficial momma support group that has been really meaningful to me. Alyssa, in particular, has always been a source of encouragement as her two kids are just a few months ahead of my two kids. I can bring up a new issue we’re having and she gets it, 100%.

It was a joy to take some celebratory pictures of Altas and his family on his actual birthday. I stole some good snuggles and smiles. I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby eat cake with such an adorably serious expression on his face. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

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