365 Project: Week 8

A heritage of being loved and cherished is profoundly important in the life of any human being. -Sally Clarkson

Caroline has been running a fever much of the weekend. She has had febrile seizures previously, the last one being this January. Whenever she is sick, we are quite on edge around here. We’re also sleep deprived because we give her medicine and take her temperature every three hours during the night. This process also woke up Margaret, who I ended up nursing back to sleep. Every sound I hear Caroline make on the monitor also wakes me up in a panic when she’s sick. Thankfully, she seems to be on the mend. We are also in the final push to finish up our house. All that to say, our life is a little wild right now, and I feel like it has filtered into my photography to some degree. These aren’t my favorite pictures ever, but they are a documentation of our lives this week in its imperfect glory.

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