365 Project: Week 7

Shockingly enough, I’ve held to my goal so far and have taken at least one picture everyday with my “good camera” for the past seven weeks. I won’t claim that I’ve gotten a great picture everyday, but I’m learning a lot and loving the memories I’m capturing.

Most of our free time is currently consumed by working to finish our new house. Even though the flaws of our current house tend to drive me crazy, I’m already starting to realize how emotional it’s going to be when we move out of the only house our girls have known.

A nearly daily topic of conversation is whether the girls should continue to share a room, as they are currently, in the new house. When they wake each other up early from naps, my answer is an emphatic “no”. However, recently we’ve enjoyed listening (via the monitor) to them interacting in the mornings. Often it goes something like this:

Margaret coos or fusses

Caroline: Go back to sleep, Margaret. It’s not time to get up.

Margaret: Coos back

Caroline: Margaret is talking to me. Hi, Margaret! It’s morning time!

Margaret: coos some more

Caroline: Mom! Dad! Margaret is awake! Margaret woke me up!

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