365 Project: Week 52

Wanna walk side by side a while
Just a few blocks up 7th Ave
By the time we hit the park
You’re gonna be too old to wanna hold my hand
It feels so good I’ll have trouble letting go.

Trouble Letting Go, The Avett Brothers

Done. Did I take pictures every single day? Not always. Do I feel like I grew in my understanding of photography? Yes.

More than anything, I am thankful for the treasure trove of pictures I have taken the last year. I had no idea how many curve balls would head our way when I started this little side project. We underestimated the challenge of building a house, the exhaustion of raising two little ones and the heart breaking loss the year would bring.

I found it difficult to accurately capture those underlying themes of the year in photo. But the constant theme that broke through all of the mess is that we’ve been blessed with two precious little lives to nurture and shepherd. I get a little misty eyed every time I scan back through older posts and realize how quickly the girls have changed. I want them to grow up, but there is also a grief there. One day Margaret won’t squeal when I walk through the door. One day Caroline won’t ask me to play with her constantly. As the song above references, they soon will be to old to hold my hand.

And so, I’m very thankful for this collection of snapshots. Many of them capturing the very ordinary moments of our day. While I won’t be posting every week, I have a feeling I won’t be putting my camera down anytime soon.

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