365 Project: Week 51

This week was dominated by packing and going to Pickwick Lake. It’s time for our “winter” trip. To be real, we almost didn’t make it. The night before, Caroline was too excited to sleep and kept waking up Margaret while we were trying to pack. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Ben stayed up late to finish up and we left after work on Friday. The girls did great on the drive, mainly because we listened to lots of Slugs and Bugs. Gone are the days of packing light and enjoying podcasts on the long drive.

We spent the weekend eating lots of snacks, learning to share, collecting rocks and pine cones, learning to avoid the edge of the dock, and falling down in the mud. Thank the Lord for mild weather! We even got some good nap times that allowed the parents to do some reading, relaxing, and board game playing. Mission accomplished. It’s quite the endeavor, especially now that we have two to keep up with, but quite worth it.

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