365 Project: Week 50

My heart, my hands, they’re kingdom bound
Where thorns no longer curse the ground
Trim the wick and light the flame
My work, it will not be in vain
Glo-o-ory, glo-o-ory

Oh, we labor unto glory
‘Til heaven and earth are one
Oh, we labor unto glory
Until God’s kingdom comes

Porters Gate

Ben and I were talking about how easy it is for our automatic response to the girls to be “no”. We are tired and busy and before we realize it, that’s our knee jerk reaction.

Can I help you fold the laundry? No. I’m trying to get it done quickly. And please stop messing up what I’ve already folded.

Can I mix the batter? No. You’re making a mess.

Will you dance with me? No. I’ve got to finish getting ready for work.

Now obviously, we can’t always say yes. But we could say it more than we do and we’ve been making a more conscientious effort to do so. I’ve been particularly making the effort to include Caroline more in the kitchen. It often results in a bigger mess and the finished product is not always what I envisioned, but she gets such joy (and learning) out of the process.

In the sermon today, our pastor was speaking about how Jesus saves us and invites us to join in His redemptive work despite our limitations and failings. It made me think that a our feeble and flawed efforts are like that of a toddlers. We make big messes and the results are often less than ideal; but He welcomes us, directs us, and equips us in spite of our immaturity.

The Lord says a big YES to us. In being more welcoming to the offers of help and requests from our daughters, even when totally inconvenient, Ben and I can tangibly demonstrate the welcoming and equipping nature of the Lord.

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