365 Project: Week 47

This week, we got back into our routine (post holidays), and it felt really good. We met friends at the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Monday. Ben took of Tuesday to be with us since we ended up having limited time at home as a family for Christmas. Friday night we took the girls to a Slugs and Bugs concert (if you don’t know Randal Goodgame’s music for kids, you should look it up right now!). Saturday, we finally got a relaxing day at home before celebrating a friend’s birthday with a dinner out sans kiddos. Sunday after church we officially met our dear friends sweet baby girl.

I feel refreshed from this weekend, despite the yucky weather that has driven us indoors. I’ve also been listening to the audiobook Parenting: Gospel Principles That Can Really Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp. It has given me a lot to think about. The last chapter I listened to was about our children’s drive for autonomy. He makes the point that when a toddler pitches a fit over eating peas or cleaning up their toys, it’s not due to their opinions on nutrition or organization. The conflict comes from their innate desire to be Lord of one’s own life; to be in control. It’s not really about the food or the mess. There is a deeper heart issue coming to the surface. This of course is the struggle we all face. We don’t want to submit to the Lord and follow His ways, we want to do what work best for us or fulfills our current desire. It’s been quite convicting and given me a fresh view in response to the daily fits and demands that are thrown my way. Caroline is typically the culprit at this stage, but even Margaret is really starting to loudly make her will known.

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