365 Project: Week 4

Pour out your heart to God our refuge

And trust in Him to hear you cry.

No other hope will never fail you;

No other love will not run dry.

I’ll not be shaken! I’ll not be shaken,

For all my hope is in His love.

From God alone comes my salvation;

I wait and trust His steadfast love!

-Wendell Kimbrough, I’ll Not Be Shaken

We had a week that brought celebration with family and outdoor fun. However, don’t let these joyful pictures fool you, it was also very much a week that weighed heavily on my heart.

Caroline was sick the first half of this week, running fevers off and on. She has had three febrile seizures previously, so whenever she is ill, I rather devolve into a ball of anxiety. She was diagnosed with an ear infection on Wednesday, which also happened to be my first day back to work from maternity leave (which all moms know is a can of emotional worms in itself).

Perhaps more profoundly, my heart has been hurting for a number of friends this week. A friend who’s child underwent surgery. And two friends who received unexpected and potentially life-altering diagnoses. Despite the heart-break, I’ve seen the Lord moving and providing. He may not be taking away the pain, but He is providing amazing courage and peace.

This week, I’ve repeatedly found myself confronted with the fragility of our health and our little human lives in general. I’ve been confronted with my need to not take this time for granted; to be present and savor these special days. Yet it has also convicted me that there is no need to live in fear of what’s to come (which I confess is totally my mode of operation).

How am I supposed to accurately photograph and present life with its tenuous and sometimes painful reality with honesty? I have no clue! But I’m going to keep working at it.

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