365 Project: Week 37

It has been a big week at the Hoagland House. Wednesday was Halloween. Thursday was Caroline’s 3rd birthday. Friday was our 6 year wedding anniversary. Margaret turned 11 months on Saturday. We’ve had lots of excitement, celebration, and sugar! We were also thankful for a chance to slow down(ish) this weekend, with no major commitments.

Margaret has been talking up a storm. As mentioned in a previous post, we can safely say her first word was “hi!” Yesterday, when I was out on the porch staining some doors, Ben said Margaret kept saying “mamama” when she would see me out the window. She refuses to say it to my face, however. Ben also taught her that a lion says, “Roar!” She’s very amused with herself.

For Caroline’s birthday, we decided to start some new traditions in the new house. We decorated her bedroom door, hung banners and streamers in the dining room, and let her pick out the food for every meal. My favorite new edition is that of the birthday interview, which I’ll include below.

1) What is your favorite color?

C: White (which happens to be the color of the plate, sitting right in front of her with cake on it.)

2) What is your favorite food?

C: Pizza (What she picked for dinner)

3) What is your favorite TV show?

C: Elmo

4) What is your favorite movie?

C: Moana. (also known as the only movie she’s ever seen)

5) What are your favorite things to do?

C: Play with the cash register. (Also known as the present she opened right before dinner. Girlfriend told us she didn’t like her pizza, but we all knew it was because she wanted to get her hand back on her newest toy.)

6) Where is your favorite place to go?

C: The Park. The one at Fairyland School.

7) What is your favorite toy?

C: My favorite toys is the cash register. (She points to it longingly.)

8) What is your favorite animal?

C: Hippos

9) Who’s is your best friend?

C: Margaret

Me: Oh that’s so sweet!

Ben: This Margaret or the Margaret that’s in your class?

C: The Margaret that’s in my class.

Me: Just kidding…

10) What did you want for your birthday?

C: A cash register? (False- she wanted a guitar and doctors kit.)

11) What do you want to be when you grow up?

C: A doctor!

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