365 Project: Week 36

Maturity is a process. It takes time, patience, dedication, and unconditional love to see the results. – Sally Clarkson

Caroline is all about the pretend play right now. She particularly likes to pretend that Cinderella, Rupunzel and their kids (?) are with us all the time. Sometimes on Tuesdays, I’ll stop at Sunnyside cup on the way home when I’m needing an extra jolt of caffeine. Caroline begged me to stop at “the coffee truck” to geta drink for Cinderella and Rupunzel. I didn’t take much convincing. However, Caroline was really upset when I didn’t buy an actual cup of coffee for her imaginary friends.

That night at dinner, we played along that the princesses were eating dinner with us. When Caroline said, “There’s was a deer in the backyard!” I assumed she was imagining it was one of Snow White’s woodland friends. To my surprise, there actually was a beautiful little deer grazing around. We watched her for the rest of the evening.

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