365 Project: Week 35

We’ve been hard core sleep training this week. We tried all of the gentle methods to wean her of her one night feeding when she was 9 months old. She figured out our tricks very quickly and would get super angry if Ben came into the room instead of me. Baby girl shared a room with big sister the first 8 months of her life. No one wants two wailing babies at 4AM, so needless to say, Margaret has gotten used to immediate attention at the sound of her first whimper.

We decided to go the tough love route when we got home from our trip. We used a control cry method when Caroline was first learning to put herself to sleep. We decided to give it a go with Margaret. The first two nights she cried for two hours straight (from 3-5Am). However, she slept through the night the next three nights. I felt like a new woman. She had one setback later in the week, but we are making headway. We went in for a well check and my pediatrician (who we love and who is always full of practical advice) reminded me how vital good sleep is for her brain development. He then jokingly encourages me to be heartless.

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