365 Project: Week 31

The week has been full of highs and lows. Caroline made it through her two days of Mother’s Day Out without pitching a fit about going. We couldn’t make it through Tuesday Bible study because Margaret was freaking out and couldn’t be calmed. We finally, officially became home owners and signed our mortgage. The next day both girls got sick. Turns out Margaret had a double ear infection. I suspect that was part of the Tuesday snafu. Her only symptoms were increase clinginess and fussiness at nap time with a lingering runny nose.

The biggest high, is that we really think Margaret is trying to talk. Ben told me that it sounded like she repeated “Ball” when they were playing. I didn’t believe him. Then, the next day when I was coming up the back porch on my way in from work, I heard a little voice yell, “hey!” I looked though the kitchen window and saw my mom holding Margaret. Her she had a huge smile on her face and she had her hand up waving at me. I’ve kept telling myself that she won’t be as verbal as Caroline, but she may just prove me wrong.

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