365 Project: Week 29

We’ve had a big week. Margaret turned 9 months old. Caroline had her first day of “school” (Mother’s Day out) ever. We hosted our first house guests in the new house for the Moon River Festival.

Margaret is growing and growing. The second child’s infancy goes so much faster than the first. Perhaps the fact that we’ve had a lot going on has exaggerated this sense. I’m not one to say that I want her to stay this little forever (I don’t- a full night’s sleep would be nice), but I do want to remember this sweet smiley stage in her life forever. I keep waiting for the stranger danger to hit, but right now she smiles and squeals at everyone she sees. I’m definitely her favorite person in her world and I’d like to keep that title for a while.

Caroline handled her first week of school like a champ. On the first morning, I hugged her goodbye and she put her head on my shoulder and held me longer than usual before frolicking off to the crayons. I had to take a minute to get myself together before driving to work after that. She loved school and was so excited for her second day that it was difficult for her to sleep the night before. Her teachers said she did cry a little Friday afternoon before pick up. She cried, “I’m a little bit tired and I just need to go home and take a nap and rest a little bit!” I feel you, sister.

On Saturday morning the Bells arrived. Throw in the Randolphs and talk about a house full of fun. At one point, on Sunday afternoon, I snuck away upstairs for a quick power nap before we went to see the Avett Brothers that night. Below me I could hear the constant thumping of multiple running feet and squeals of delight. I wasn’t able to drift into a deep sleep, but the sound made my heart happy. It was times like these I used to imagine when I would think of the home we were building.

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