365 Project: Week 25

I was thinking today that I tend to write more about Caroline (probably because she’s verbal). For this post, I want to focus on sweet little Margaret.

Margaret is such a happy little thing, as long as you let her move and touch everything in sight. She loves to use her hands and will turn an object around and around to observe every angle. She started crawling a little at the beginning of her 7th month. As soon as we moved into the new house, she really started moving, exploring her new environment.

Margaret seems fairly social too. It doesn’t take much to get her to smile. She stares intensely at every new face she sees.

Margaret’s hugs and kisses are some of my favorite things in this little stage of her life. When I get home from work or running errands, she gives me the biggest smiles and wants to be held. Her little hands grab my ears, neck or the back of my hair. She leans in and puts her wet little open mouth on my face. Her precious round cheeks get kissed all day long, so I’m convinced she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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